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Research supports using The ABC's of Movement to learn the alphabet!      

A pilot research study found a statistically significant improvement in alphabet letter recognition and gross motor skills in children who participated in a twelve week program using a movement based literacy curriculum.

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Why combine movement and literacy?

Preschool and early childhood programs are finding that movement is a very effective learning medium for children. Movement enhances every aspect of young children’s growth and development. Literacy experiences prior to first grade are critical for children’s success in learning to read and write. Through movement, play, and active learning, children acquire knowledge by physically experiencing concepts. Current brain research tells us that students need to be active to get their brains working and growing. 

Benefits of The ABC’s of Movement ® cards include:

  • Developmentally appropriate fitness for young children. May help combat childhood obesity by laying a foundation of active movement.
  • Engages the whole child in moving while developing literacy skills.
  • Increase in language development while improving motor skills.
  • Teach children basic movement skills like galloping, hopping, and marching.
  • Use during circle time, transitions, gym or for some outside fun.
  • Can be paired with music to teach how movements can change with different tempos
  • Great activity to increase body awareness.
  • Improved bilateral coordination allows the hands and feet to work well together.
  • Promotes crossing midline by reaching across the middle of the body with the hand or leg. (Crossing midline is important for later writing skills.)
  • Great for kinesthetic learners.
  • Especially useful for home instruction, early childhood learning, speech & language development, special education, ELS & ELL programs, Title 1 programs, Head Start, after school programs, resource rooms, pediatric physical therapy and occupational therapy settings.
  • Beneficial for children with special needs such as Autism, Down syndrome and mild cerebral palsy.

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ABC's of Active Learning



What are the benefits of these teaching resources, preschool teaching materials, and teaching materials for children with Autism?

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